Monday, March 12, 2012

The Grey: Review


I watched this last night and it broke my heart. 

Set in a remote city up north, I'm assuming near Alaska, Liam and a bunch of other men get on a plane to go home. Before all this, we see Liam have flashbacks of a woman lying in bed beside him. You get the impression that she's left him somehow and that this is the reason why he seems depressed. The plane then crashes and only seven of them survive it.

The course of the movie sees these survivers making their way south to find shelter and hopefully be rescued. However, each surviver is slowly picked off my illness and wolves. Now I love wolves but these were notorious and simply hunted these men out of badness. Luckily for the survivers, Liam is a wolf expert as it was his job to hunt them so he knows a few tricks to keep them at bay. 

It doesn't work for long though as eventually Liam is the only surviver left after some pretty gruesome death scenes. After an epic scene where he shouts at God to earn his faith by interrupting and helping him, he continues on and ends up walking into the wolves' den. He's pretty much given up on life at this point and sits down and looks through the survivers wallets at their families pictures as well as more flashbacks of his wife. Turns out she's lying on a hospital bed so you assume she's died and thus that was why he was so depressed at the start of the movie.

The film ends just as he starts to fight the alpha with a knife and broken bottles strapped to his hands. I didn't really like this ending as I really wanted to know what happens. Cue an extra scene where you see the wolf barely breathing with Liam's head resting against it. Now either they're both dying after an epic fight or Liam is simply resting against it. More than likely, it's the former.

Despite all the death scenes the bit that broke my heart the most were the flashbacks to his wife. They just moved me to tears. If you watch this film you'll understand.

  • Romantic yet heartbreaking flashbacks to Liam's wife
  • The moving poem Liam recites
  • The epic line, "fuck faith, earn it"
Rating: 3/5


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