Sunday, March 18, 2012


A while ago, the clothes store known as Peacocks went into adminstration. I was gutted because it was one of my favourite clothes stores. Now, I was given a £10 gift voucher for Peacocks at Christmas and before it shut for good, I decided to use it. 

Unfortunately, they weren't taking gift vouchers anymore which sucked majorly. They told me to fill out a claim form online instead to see if they'd reimburse my voucher to get the £10 on it. So I did.

And I've only just heard back from them now and apparently, due to some legal reason plus the number of claims they got, they're saying that for a £10 voucher they're only paying out 7p!

That's ridiculous!!

Though some Peacocks stores have been saved, does that mean the voucher is not void anymore?

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