Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Student Life: The Hazel I Can Never Be...

A few weeks ago I talked about Carl Rogers and his theory that everyone has a Real Self and an Ideal Self. Some of you were kind enough to talk about your Ideal Selves so I think its time that I shared mine too.

My Ideal Self has very sophisticated tastes. She wants to read classic literature and be able to discuss their authors as well as be able to identify composers from a single note. She is also the one who dreams of playing the violin to rival Vanessa Mae.

Appearance wise, her Real Self enjoys her petite stature but deep down she'd love to be a few inches taller. Plus, her actual size three feet makes shopping for shoes more difficult than it ought to be. She likes her long hair but wishes it was more voluminous and luxurious as well as wishing it was black like the midnight sky. She doesn't mind wearing glasses but would have preferred green pupils than common grey.

My Ideal Self would love to go on shopping sprees in the fanciest stores but the fact that her Real Self has an aversion to shopping, that doesn't happen that much. If at all. She longs to wear outfits that make her look smart like a young adult instead of wearing outfits involving converse and jeans all the time. Though when wearing jeans and converse she would at least like to look like Bella Swan instead of a fat frump.

She would also like to be more independent such as having her own place as well as a job. A job that she actually enjoys were her colleagues respect her and don't treat her like shit. She'd love to be able to cook for her loved ones as well as spoil them rotten with unexpected gifts or little gestures. My Real Self already has the pleasure of owning her own car but my Ideal Self would love to have the freedom to drive it without first consulting my mother on where I'm going, why I'm going and when I'll be back. Always having to ease her worries takes the freedom away from driving.

Finally, my Ideal Self would also like to have a few close girlfriends that I can always rely on for a good giggle and a gossip. She imagines having them round her house drinking wine and enjoying themselves but her Real Self knows this will never happen as she doesn't like alcohol and is socially retarded.

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