Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Eighth Award Ceremony

So I think it's about time that I passed these awards on to you guys! So if you see any ya fancy, please feel free to take them because there is no way I'm going through all my followers and selecting only a handful to receive them. Plus the amount of linkage that would involve is the stuff of nightmares... 


From Mark and BattleGnomes: The Sunshine Award

From Izdiher and Sophia: The Liebster Blog Award

From The Frisky Virgin, Mark and Zoe: The Versatile Blogger Award

From The Frisky Virgin: The Irrestistably Sweet Blog Award

From Sadhana: You're Awesome Award

From Ovais: The Adorable Blog Award

From Ovais: Hot Blog Award

From Mark: I Dig Your Blog Award

From Bouncin' Barb: Tell Me About Yourself Award

From Bouncin' Barb: Kreativ Blogger

From Serendipity: The Blissful Blog Award

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