Saturday, November 12, 2011


Seeing as I haven't really written a decent post in a while, I thought I might as well update you on what's been going on in my life of late...

1) I have an undiagnosed condition that makes me feel weak and queasy for the majority of the day - so much so that I've lost over 21lbs in weight from not being able to eat. Some days are better than others though. Hopefully I'll be treated soon when I attend a hospital appointment later this month.

2) Due to the stresses of university and my illness, I just don't get much time to blog. So if I haven't been around your blogs in a while then that's why. It's also why I haven't uploaded my Scotland pictures yet or even described my trip!

3) My boyfriend's sister got married yesterday so I'll upload pictures of that as soon as possible. I'll probably only upload pictures of me though. And speaking of weddings, I was finally given the pictures of the other wedding I went to agggges ago so I'll upload them soon too.

4) I'm hating my appearance at the minute. Whether it's to do with my recent weight loss or not but I hate how young I look. I know that's not what many women would call a problem but to me it's horrible. Seriously, the pictures of me in Scotland make me look like a twelve year old. No frigging joke. Those photos therefore have given me the incentive to not make me look older, but just to look my age. I've therefore spent a small fortune on new clothes and make-up as well as having a new found determination to stick this out. I'm even thinking of going as far as sticking a picture of one of the Scotland photos to my bedroom mirror to keep me motivated.

5) I bought the final Eragon book. I couldn't resist it.

6) I have so many blog awards to give out to you guys. I might do that for my next post...

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