Thursday, November 24, 2011

Legend of the Guardians: Review


I don't care if this is a kids movie because I really liked it!

It took a while for to get into it though because I could barely understand their names at first and they kept talking about "The Guardians" in a way that made you feel like you should already know who they were. If that makes sense?

You instantly fall in love with Sorren, the main owl in the poster, simply because of his sweet personality and fighting spirit. But you instantly can't stand his brother because he's mean, bitter and scoffs Sorren's dreams.

Don't let the innocent owls fool you though, the plot of this movie is pretty dark! Sorren and his brother end up being kidnapped by evil owls who are plotting to take over the kingdom because they are "pure" and "superior". Sorren manages to escape but his brother stays and joins the evil ones. Like I said, he's a prick.

Sorren, along with a few others find The Guardians who are good, legendary owls who fight for justice and peace. They discover the evil owls plot and a huge battle ensues. It's actually pretty epic.

This is my favourite scene in the entire film - it's epic beyond belief. Especially the music!

  • The epic fire scene with Sorren
  • Finding The Guardians
  • Sorren's belief in his dreams
Rating: 4/5

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