Sunday, November 27, 2011

Things Are Looking Up

As many of you have probably already noticed, my blog hasn't got any particular theme. It's simply my online journal where I splurge my thoughts and ramblings with a few videos and pictures thrown in for fun. It's why I love my blog so much, it's just so incredibly girly and fun. Well, that's what I think anyway.

Though despite this being my online journal, I tend to keep my personal problems about my health to myself. I guess I didn't want to bring the cuteness of this blog down with posts about illness. But in order to decribe how great I'm feeling now, I need to tell you just how bad it all got. So bare with me, this will be over soon.

For the past six months I've been slowly deteriorating health wise. The last few months especially. I was barely eating. I couldn't stand the smell or texture of anything my mum made for me. It got so bad that I would heave everytime I tried to eat something. I had no energy, no strength, no oomph basically. I even thought I'd developed an eating disorder.

Though since starting the steriods, I've become a completely different person! Physically, I'm stronger. I've been eating non-stop, much to the pleasure of my parents. I've managed to put 5lbs back on from eating cheese slices alone! It's crazy how good they taste...

But the main difference is how I am feeling mentally now. I'm alot brighter, happier and considerably more positive, and that's despite having fucktards screw me around! I'm a lot more bubbly, contributing to conversations more and just generally having more "life" in me now. It feels awesome basically. 

I feel so good now that I hope I can stay this way. I love having the energy to put so much dedication into my university work when before I was close to quitting. I love having the energy to play around with my blog more and joining new cute sites like Pinterest whereas before I had no interest. 

I feel like a brand new person. And I like it.

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