Thursday, July 28, 2011

The First Award Ceremony

Today I received not one, but two blog awards! They're both so unexpected but much appreciated. Seriously, I don't deserve them but I'm grateful all the same. 

My thanks go out to Kathy S who give me the Blog on Fire Award and to Hamza Bin Ladin who gave me the One Lovely Blog Award. Please go check them both out as they are awesome!

As with every award there are some rules to follow so for these two awards I have to say seven things about myself. I'm going to combine them coz I would never be able to think of fourteen things. Even seven is pushing it...

#1 I live with my parents
#2 My ideal job would be a librarian
#3 My nicknames are "Haze" and "Hazy"
#4 I can't swim
#5 I was born on a Wednesday
#6 I used to believe my parents had Santa on speed-dial
#7 I'm terrified of Praying Mantis - even though they're not native to my country

Now to pass them both on to seven fab bloggers.

The Blog on Fire Award goes to...

♥ Rebecca at The Life of an Ordinary Girl

♥ Hamza Bin Ladin at Teenage Mutiny

♥ Stephanie at Pandora

The Many Colours of Happiness

♥ Maryam at Rants and Rambles

♥ Julia at Cinnamon Girl

♥ PurpleMist at InsomniaStrikes

The One Lovely Blog Award goes to...

♥ Average Girl at It's An Average Life 

♥ Anna at Artist's Charm

♥ Fiona at Voice of a Nerd 

♥ Kathy at Life As I Know It

♥ Stacy at Whimsical Wolf 

♥ Kyla at Kyla's Not Normal

♥ Mynx at Dribble

If you promise to link back to my blog when accepting your award I'll let you away with not having to post seven things about yourself. How's that for a good deal?!

Love, Hazel

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