Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Guest Post: Mark

Hello everyone, Mark here. A while ago I promised Hazel a guest post, and it was so long ago actually she forgot I was going to do it! I would have left it but I had a sense of obligation, what with being an English gent and all.  If anything I'm sorry I left it this long. I'm also glad that she's the only one who claimed her prize. I have enough trouble coming up with things for myself usually. Though occasionally I come up with something that for some reason or another I don't want to post on my own blog. Typically because I deem it too emotional. Though given how emotional I've been on there lately (due in part to my current real life over-emotionalism) I can't really claim that any more. 

Anyway, what I came up with was a poem, and so I have decided to ask Hazel if I can use her blog to share this poem with you all. So, without further ado, I present "Never" (a working title, I be rubbish with titles)

To say that I am lonely
Would not be entirely true
There are people in my life
Such as you

But when the time comes
To lay my head
All I feel
Is the emptiness of my bed

My arms, they are lonely
My heart, she is weak
My hands, they hold no other
My future, it is bleak

Am I unloveable?
Is beauty not skin deep?
What am I to believe
When solitude is the only love I keep

There are those who say they love me
Many more who won't
I wonder if it's that they can't
Or that they don't

Though what I want
That is plain to see
All I want
Is someone who wants me

When I'm alone in the cold and the dark
When the night is setting in
What I could really do with most
Is the warmth of another's skin

While there is something to be said
About the length of forever
It is nothing
Compared to the length of never

When I got to the end I couldn't resist saying something I came up recently, though someone else may have said it before. "Forever may be a long time, but it is nothing compared to never". 

It was so deep Jessie asked me where I got it from. Anyway, if you're still alive after that, and if you've stopped laughing at my patheticness, I'd like to see you drop by some time. I can't promise tea and biscuits though. Sadly.

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