Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Woman In Black: Review


Before I begin, I've always wanted to see the play as I heard it was pretty scary and the story was quite interesting to me. I never got to see the play unfortunately so when the movie came out, with Daniel Radcliffe as the lead, I jumped at the chance. I didn't particularly pay much attention to the fact that it was a ghost story until the opening scene left me dreading what was to come over the next hour or so. 

Seriously, anyone who is not disturbed at the sight of three ten year old girls commiting suicide is not human.

So moving on to the story. A young man, still mourning the death of his wife in childbirth four years ago, agrees to travel to a village and sort out a dead woman's will by sorting through piles and piles of documents at her home. Sounds tedious right? Well it gets better. Upon arriving at the village, he is instantly greeted by a hostile atmosphere as no one wants him to be there.

He eventually goes to the house of the dead woman only to see said dead woman standing in the grounds. As he mentions this to fellow villagers, they panic and yet more children kill themselves. It turns out that everytime someone sees The Woman In Black a child dies in a horrific way. And trust me, they are horrific. One girl drinks poison and another sets herself on fire. The three girls at the start of the film jump out of a window and we learn that one boy drowned himself. We find out that they do this because she tells them to. Cue flashbacks to their death scenes and all you see is her standing in the background. It's freaky as fuck!

Eventually Daniel figures out that the woman he is investigating had a son but because she was insane, her sister took her son away from her. After a few years, her son dies in the surrounding marshes and she vows never to forgive her sister for not saving him. Daniel feels responsible for all the recent child deaths and sets about fixing things.

He does this by finding her dead son's body in the marsh land, nearly drowning in the process and reunites them by burying them together. All is at peace and as he is about to leave, his own son, who was traveling down to greet him, sees The Woman In Black and walks in front of an oncoming train. Daniel grabs him but do they make it? No, no they both die. But his wife is there to walk them into Heaven. This is a very sad ending and I was pissed off that The Woman In Black refused to "move on" so to speak. But oh well.

Now throughout the time Daniel was at the dead woman's house, all sorts of freaky shit happened. I was literally jumping at every. fucking. thing. Two girls who were whimpering actually left the cinema because they were that scared. And at times, I wanted to join them! At one point I had my scarf in my mouth as I was scared that I would let out shrieks lol!

I was also annoyed at the pivotal moment in the movie when a man's phone went off and he answered it! The only justice we had was that at that particular moment, The Woman In Black screamed blue murder and all you heard was the guy on the other end go, "WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT?!" 

It was fucking hilarious. 

  • The story
  • The fact that I was constantly on edge
  • All the scares
Rating: 5/5

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