Wednesday, February 1, 2012

There Can Be Only One!

I am your Overlord and to dwell in my realm you must adhere to these three rules!

#1 There will be no hunting or poaching of any kind. All creatures, great and small are to be respected and cared for by everyone. Any deliberate attempt at causing harm to our wildlife will not be tolerated. You will be punished under the "eye for an eye" agreement. No exceptions.

#2 Time can be manipulated. But only for just causes or simply for handiness sakes. Students with deadlines can freeze time so that they can get their coursework done stress free and without needing to pull all-nighters. Those who have missed buses, trains or flights can rewind time in order to make them. No one shall ever be late for work or class, so much so that the word "punctual" will become a redundant adjective. No longer will "time fly" whilst having fun, it will last for as long as you see fit!

#3 Everyone will be sophisicated. There shall be no reality televison, chavs, falling out of nightclubs, one night stands, rowdy behaviour or jerks. Instead, everyone will enjoy dinner parties, masquerade balls, leisurely walks, reading, writing, horseback riding and learning a musical instrument or foreign language of their choice. The men will be gentlemen and the women will be ladies. Also, celebrities such as footballers and glamour models will not be put on pedestals. Instead it will the artists and authors of this world that will be respected and become role models for children.

If you do not like these rules of my kingdom then you can get out!

Thank you to Jewels for bestowing upon me, this award. I now bestow it upon:

You guys are my fellow Overlords!

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