Monday, September 12, 2011

Fright Night: Review


Paul and I saw this last Thursday and I really liked it. As it was an early showing, we didn't have many people watching it with us but we did have an annoying shit there unfortunately. He even answered his phone during the movie! What makes it worse is that we think he was there with his mother, or older sister. We didn't know which. And she didn't say a thing! He also had one of those "hard man" attitudes, you know, where they do this walk where one leg appears longer than the other? It's hard to explain. There was also nothing to him yet he stomped up the aisle! Trust me, it was poetic justice when they dropped their popcorn...

We went to this cinema because it advertised the movie as non 3D because we heard the 3D version looked awful. Surprise surprise, it was in 3D. Sigh. It didn't ruin the movie though, it just wasn't needed.

One of the things that made me like this movie so much was the fact that the main guy Charley played by Anton Yelchin (Chekov in Star Trek) was a geek and that the "cool dudes" were jealous of him because he had a really hot girlfriend. It was quite refreshing because usually the geek is trying to win the heart of the popular girl. Another thing that I loved was that it didn't faff about. In the first few scenes we know that Jerry played by Colin Farrell is a vampire and he doesn't spend the entire movie trying to hide it or prove his innocence. Instead he just kills them.

Or does he? Sometimes he kills them but Jerry is a special type of vampire. And before you ask, no he doesn't sparkle. Instead he's a special breed of vampire that likes to live in a tribe and so turns all his victims into vampires to pretty much keep him company. Charley finds all this out from Peter Vincent played by David Tennant who is an illusionist and vampire expert. Tennant's performance was absolutely hilarious! Though it was extremely weird hearing Doctor Who curse and looking like Russell Brand.

I really liked how funny this movie was as well as it being surprisingly scary! Seriously, I jumped outta my seat so many times it's unbelievable! The final fight was also pretty epic but I won't spoil that for anyone wanting to see this movie. 

  • David Tennant's performance
  • The charming humour
  • The chemistry between all the actors
Rating: 4/5

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