Tuesday, September 6, 2011


I hope this doesn't happen again anytime soon!

I left the warm living room to go to the bathroom and I had that lightheaded feeling I usually get when I stand up too quickly. But once the cold air of the bathroom washed over me, my body started to shudder and jerk. Though my vision was blurred I could still make out where I was headed - straight for the bath! 

In my confused state I dropped my phone, the sickening crack no more than a faint whisper as I simultaneously banged into the shower door. It was inevitable that I was losing control, the increased shuddering and jerking of my body told me that. I wasn't panicking though, mainly because the weird movements I was doing reminded me of that "Walk like an Egyptian" dance. And with that thought, my legs buckled and I landed right smack inbetween the bath and the toilet. Niiicce. That will teach me for scoffing drunks passing out in distusting places!! 

Of course my mum came running when she heard the "thud" of my body making contact with the ground. AND LAUGHED WHEN SHE SAW ME! Not that I cared though because I was laughing too as I still had the Egyptian dance moves running through my mind. Afterwards, I was completely fine but my phone had broke apart and its battery had skidded across the floor in all the excitment. I was able to fix it, though strangely it thought it was 2009... 

I think it's got brain damage.

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