Friday, September 23, 2011

"To the stars, Bowen. To the stars..."

If I could bring one mythical creature to life, it would be Dragons. I do love unicorns and phoenixes but dragons win on epic factor alone. To me, dragons aren't evil. Yes, they're ferocious but who would want a meek dragon?

My love of dragons started with Spyro. I was addicted to playing those games as a kid! I found him adorable and loved collecting stuff whilst killing enemies with his fire/ice breaths etc. Alas, I grew up but Spyro will always hold a place in my heart. Just so you know, I will be buying all his new games that have been released recently someday. I just want them in my possession. Maybe it's an OCD thing, who knows.

After a while, I started watching the anime Escaflowne and to this day, it's one of my all time favourites. I loved it even before Escaflowne transformed into a dragon in one episode. Seriously, when that happened, my mind was blown! It was just so epic. Unfortunately there isn't any videos of it on Youtube so you're stuck with this video instead. Trust me though, this video is just as epic. If you watch carefully, you'll be able to see Escaflowne as a dragon flying upwards. I even have the song on my ipod...

I know they're not real but if they were, I don't believe they would be evil. In my imagination, I see dragons as majestic and magical creatures who are full of wisdom and intellect. I hate them being interpreted as just ferocious beasts with insatiable appetites. I know logically that the latter would be more likely but... my irrational desire for magic to be real always wins out.

I want a Night Fury!
Both interpretations have been seen in television, movies and books. I adore Dragonheart and How to Train Your Dragon and the Eragon books will always be in my top favourite books of all time even if they did massacre the film. I even love John Hurt playing the dragon in Merlin! The likes of Reign of Fire and Dragonslayer however see them as mere beasts that they gotta kill and I don't like it. Even Harry Potter sees them as dangerous beasts.

Maybe it's the romantic in me that doesn't see them as dangerous but seeing as they're not real anyway, I can believe what I want about them.

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