Wednesday, September 14, 2011

An Insight into my Playlist

I hate when people ask me, "What type of music are you into?" or "Who is your favourite artist?" 

I hate it because I never know how to answer them! I don't have a favourite artist or band, instead I love specific songs regardless of their genre.

I know I could just tell them that but what you need to know about me is that I get tongue-tied EXTREMELY easily when trying to explain things. It's so bad sometimes that I wish I never opened my mouth. And frankly, far too many people look at me with "you're such a weirdo" expression afterwards that it's kinda embarrassing...

So I stay quiet, and then get called a snob. Sigh. I can never win...

But, I digress.

I wanted to share with you some of my favourite songs. If I had to choose, my favourite genre hands down is Indie/Rock. I do like other genres but I won't admit to it in public. Except Classical. I am perfectly happy admitting that I like Classical.

I've also noticed that I do like artists more if they have a unique voice. There are far too many artists and bands out there who sound so alike that I can't even tell the difference between them anymore. So here are a bunch of songs by people with unique voices that I like...

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