Monday, September 19, 2011

The Seventh Award Ceremony

Once again, I am so grateful you find my blog worthy of awarding. I know blog awards are basically just chain letters and that some people don't bother with them but... I love them. They make me feel good! So these posts are my way of passing on that good feeling.

Thank you Mark and Battle Gnomes for awarding me the Sunshine award! Since I'm probably the most pessimistic person I know it really is quite ironic accepting something so bright and happy! But accept it, I will. I've already answered the required questions associated with this award so click here to check them out!

Thank you Izdiher for awarding me the Liebster award which means "favourite" in German. It really is a nice ego boost knowing my blog is one of your favourites!

And finally I must say a huge thank you to The Frisky Virgin for awarding me both The Versatile Blogger award and The Irresistably Sweet Blog award! Both are extremely awesome!

Now for seven facts about me:
  • I've christened my car "Sakura"
  • I wish I could raise one eyebrow at a time
  • I can't sing
  • I once fainted at school
  • I wish I had green eyes
  • I have no piercings or tattoos
  • I'll be turning twenty in two weeks time
I pass the Sunshine award on to The Frisky Virgin and to Jen from The Girl in the Purple Pants

I pass the Liebster award on to Sophia from Ramblings on the Wind and to Dee from The Journey is the Reward

I pass the Versatile Blogger award to Mark from Disjointed Ramblings of a Disjointed (j/k) Person and to Jewels at According to Jewels

And I pass the Irresistably Sweet Blog award to Battle Gnomes and to Always Abby Noel

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