Saturday, September 10, 2011

Dream is Collapsing

I know Mark and Timothy already commented on this poem before I removed it but I just wanted to explain something.

I'm not depressed or angry or holding on to any residual hatred in my heart. I was bullied at school, just like so many others out there. But honestly, I've moved on. If they passed me on the street I wouldn't even bat an eyelid. And that's because I'm stronger now.

I wrote this poem whilst listening to this,

I didn't mean for it to be quite so intense but I was just inspired by the music.

It's directed to everyone who hurts other people, simply because they can. I don't like people like that, and because I can't stop them physically, I thought I'd punish them through words.

I'm going to post it again because I am proud of it. Proud that I created something like this off the top of my head. I just don't want any of you to read it and think that I'm full of hate or anger. Because I'm not. I'm happy, I'm sugar and spice and all things nice! Okay?

You're bitter, toxic
Misery exuding from every pore

Your heart is black, poisoned by hate
Incapable of love

The darkness of your soul seeps into my bones when I'm around you
I don't recognise myself when I'm around you, I become someone I hate

My once beautiful friend, with your contagious laughter
Now consumed by malice, and I don't even care.

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