Friday, September 9, 2011

The Sixth Award Ceremony

Thank you Izdiher and Tayla for awarding me the "One Lovely Blog" award!

After thanking the award givers, I now gotta tell you seven things about me.

#1 My name spelt backwards is Lezah which I find hilarious
#2 I got my dog Penny on my 7th birthday
#3 I was born on the 3rd October
#4 I'm always freezing.
#5 I don't like having my feet covered when I'm sleeping. Which probably results in #4
#6 I love adrenaline rushes
#7 Once I start a book series, I have to complete it. Even if I think it's shit.

Seeing as I passed this award on to all my followers not so long ago, I don't need to pass this out again!

Thank you Itin for awarding me the "Liebster Blog" award! Liebster means "favourite" in German and the only rule for this award is that I pass it on to seven of my favourite blogs who have less than 100 followers. 

Thank you Julie for awarding me the "Sunshine" award! It's awesome. With this award I've got to answer these following questions:

Favourite Colour: 

Favourite Animal: 

Favourite Number: 

Favourite Drink: 

Facebook or Twitter: 

Your Passion:

Giving or Receiving Presents: 

Favourite Pattern: 

Favourite Day: 

Favourite Flowers: 
Cherry Blossoms

I pass this on to Normal is Overrated because she needs a little sunshine in her life right now and to Ovais, hopefully the sunshine from this award will help vaporise those pesky migraines.

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