Monday, December 12, 2011

Breaking Dawn Part I: Review


Last Friday I dragged Paul to the cinema to see this and I really liked it. Though I understand if people don't because it started out feeling like a filler type of movie. Let me explain what I mean... The main aspect of Breaking Dawn is that Bella gets pregnant and to get to that point we have to sit through the wedding preparations, the wedding, the honeymoon and then finally BAM! The discovery of her being pregnant. So yeah, the first half feels like filler.

Though that doesn't mean I didn't like those parts! I was in love with Bella's shoes that Alice chose for her wedding but I didn't like her dress at all. I found the speeches cringey (but that was the whole point) and it was genuinely really nice to see Bella and Edward looking happy for once.

Leading up to the sex scene was pretty accurate for how any teenage girl would feel. I thought it was quite funny watching the montage of Bella shaving her legs and brushing her teeth etc. It was just really sweet and relatable.

Fast forward to her being pregnant. My God she looked awful! The special effects were bloody amazing - she looked like death warmed up! Even though it was all fake it looked so real that it was hard to watch sometimes. Don't even get me started on the gory birth scene...

It ended on a really good cliffhanger, seriously I wanna know what she looks like as a vampire!

Of course, I didn't know about the extra scene after the credits so I had to watch it on youtube (thank you piraters). Basically the Volturi know Bella's been turned now so clearly they'll pay a visit... Cue Part II!

  • Bella and Edward looking happy together for once
  • The epic scene with the wolves
  • Bella's seduction attempts
  • Bella changing into a vampire

Rating: 4/5

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