Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A Puddle Almost Killed Me...

My final day of university before the Christmas holidays was not plain sailing. 

The night before saw torrential rainfall which resulted in various parts of my city being flooded. There was snow too but not much to cause disruption. I was unprepared for the flooding as I was too preoccupied worrying about icy roads, much to my misfortune.

I had literally only been driving five minutes before I nearly crashed my car. In an unlit area, shielded by trees, was a huge mother fucking puddle. Now, anybody who drives or who has common sense knows that you gotta drive slowly through deep puddles. Unfortunately I did not see this puddle until it was too late. I hit it at full speed causing a huge typhoon of water to cover my windscreen. I could not see a fucking thing. I was literally driving blind, trying to keep my car under control and as far away from the oncoming lights in the other lane as possible.

My wipers were of no use, despite them going full speed. The only way I can describe it is to imagine what it would be like driving through a car wash. When all the water finally drained away, I was an inch away from the other lane. I'm thankful it happened where it did because I know that road so well. If it had happened in the main city, I'd have been fucked.

Annoyingly, my lecture was postponed for an hour and when it did eventually start, it rambled on and on and he couldn't even answer the questions we had about our January exam. So I risked my life for a mediocre lecture. How typical.

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