Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Angelic Archer

A while ago, Lex from The Lexical Gap tagged me to create my Alter Ego Superhero in order to join her elite band of Blogger Hero's. I always intended to draw my alter ego but alas I cannot draw from imagination alone.

I therefore, by chance actually, found this perfect drawing on the internet which sums up what my alter ego would look like...

So bad ass

How frigging awesome is that?! 

My weapon of choice is a bow and arrow, shooting my enemies down with 100% accuracy. I never miss. My bow is a vessel in which my powers are released. All I have to do is think and I will either shoot arrows infused with the power of fire, ice, lightning or gravitational force.

I have an unlimited number of arrows but if I ever do get seperated from my bow, then I am also highly skilled in martial arts, having been trained since childhood.

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