Friday, January 20, 2012

Wrong on so many levels...

The other night, I watched a very disturbing programe called talhotblond (Tall Hot Blonde). It told the true life story about a girl and two guys who met online and how their relationship with each other had significant impacts on each others lives.

I missed the first ten minutes of the programe so excuse me if the details are a little sketchy. Though you'll get the gist of it. So here goes:

An 18 year old girl called Jessie starts talking to this young marine called Tommy in an online chatroom. Jessie's username is talhotblond (hence the title of the show). They talk and talk and eventually fall for each other, at one stage Jessie even sends him her underwear. Jessie has an online profile so Tommy is able to see her pictures and knows that she is "real". Unfortunately for Jessie, Tommy is not.

Turns out that Tommy is a retired 46 year old marine who got found out by his wife. She divorced him and contacted Jessie telling her to watch what she does online. She also sent her a picture of the true Tommy, known as Tom. Jessie is distraught and devastated as she truly loved Tommy whilst Tom feels so bad for lying to her. He said that he did truly love her too. They decide to not talk anymore. 

Jessie then starts talking to a guy called Brian who works with the real life Tom but is closer to Jessie's age. She tells him all about Tom and how he pretended to be someone else. Brian is pretty disgusted and confronts him in real life. Jessie pretty much goads him into fighting with him but they don't. Quite confusingly when Tom contacts her to ask her to leave him alone, she starts saying she misses him and wants to be friends! Tom is utterly confused but talks to her anyway because he does genuinely care for her. It didn't take them long to get frisky again.

He gets pissed off however when he finds out that she's still talking to Brian. He's jealous of their relationship, thinking that they are sleeping together. She makes promises to stop talking to Brian but she doesn't. On and on it goes until Tom snaps.

When Brian was leaving work one night, he is shot three times. The police travel to Jessie's home to warn her of the danger and it turns out that Jessie is actually a middle aged woman who was using her daughter's identity!! Tom is later arrested and sentenced to 20 years in prison whilst "Jessie" gets off free as she apparently didn't break any laws!

Her husband divorced her and her daughter, whose identity she used, disowned her. What's even more disturbing is that she purposely tried to photograph her daughter in compromising positions in order to send them to men online. She even posted her daughters underwear!!

Ironically she is now currently writing a book on the dangers of the internet. Are you frigging kidding me?!

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