Tuesday, January 3, 2012

I wanna be a kid again...

Recently, B from The Opposite of That posted a song from the game Skyrim and said her "cool card" would be revoked for doing so in a post where she also posted a song from the band Alice in Chains.

Now considering I've never heard of the band Alice in Chains I personally thought that including a song from a video game was extremely awesome! Her post in fact, inspired me to therefore share with you a few tracks I adore from games I have played. Alas, I am not a huge gamer anymore. The only games I've played since becoming an adult have been the Professor Layton games and Sims.

Therefore all these tracks are from games I played as child and as a teenager. Please enjoy as I reminisce...

Eternal Champions - Main Theme

Eternal Champions - Jetta's Theme (Jetta was my favourite fighter)

Jurassic Park - (Embarrassingly I never finished this game lol!)

Kingdom Hearts - Destati (I actually adore every song in this game but obviously I can't post them all)

Mickey's Wild Adventure - The Mad Doctor

Mickey's Wild Adventure - The Mad Doctor 2

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