Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Thirteenth Award Ceremony

I got the "U R A Nice Douche Awurrd" from Sophia from Robots on the Wall. It's not a serious award but I'm gonna take it anyway.

And I also got this lovely silver version The Versatile Blogger award from Becca over at Diary of a Diva!

Thank you both!

Now for seven things about me:

#1 I bite my nails
#2 My extra month off uni is going in quicker than I like
#3 Daddly-long-legs freak me out
#4 I was always the narrator in my school's nativity play
#5 But I always hoped to be an angel
#6 I don't smoke
#7 Or drink alcohol

I pass The Versatile Blogger award onto:

Mynx at Dribble...

I also got The Overlord award from Jewels at According to Jewels!

For this award you have to create rules for your subjects to follow. I will therefore dedicate a separate post later on as I currently cannot think of anything!

Thanks for making me an Overlord though Jewels!


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