Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Local Pigeon Botherer

On New Year's Eve, Paul and I went out into town and did a bit of shopping before going to a local pub to get some lunch. Whilst waiting to be served, an old lady walked through the door, her eyes completely focused on me. I didn't have a fucking clue who she was and was a little freaked out when she started making her way to our table. Once she got close enough, she started flailing her arms before pointing her finger at me saying, 

"You tell them to leave my boys alone or else I'll send them in after ye!"


Did I just get threatened by an ole granny?!

Paul and I were utterly flabbergasted! So much so that we just laughed it off as she made her way outside again. Now we just ignored it but a guy at the bar saw the whole thing and told us that she's just a local who feeds the pigeons. And that her little rant was because he usually chases them away.

So her "boys" that she was refering to? Were the pigeons.

Only in Derry guys! Only in Derry...

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