Saturday, January 14, 2012

Pet Hates: Driving


Why do they have to drive on the main road? Can't they stick to the back roads and country lanes? YOU GO SO SLOW!


This is even worse when done by lorry drivers, intimidating much? If I'm going too slow for you, (even though I'm doing the speed limit) then hurry the fuck up and overtake me already! If not, I can guarantee you that I will slow the fuck down to piss you off.

Snow/Ice - Bad Weather

Cold temperatures, poor visibility, black ice, higher risk of crashing, hysterical mother... need I go on?

Back Seat Drivers

According to my mother I drive too fast and brake too slow. Well mother dear, you talk too much!

Big Ass Puddles

Little Boy Racers

I will be eternally embarrassed if I die at the hands of a chav driving this...

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