Monday, January 30, 2012

Is it true?

So I've recently found out a few things that I couldn't believe were actually true. Maybe you'll read them and go, duh Hazel that's old news! Or you'll be just as enlightened as I was.

Btw, they all concern America. You crazy Americans you! 

#1 America hasn't got any round-a-bouts. 

Seriously? I'm jealous! Over here you can't go more than ten feet without coming into contact with one! We even have DOUBLE round-a-bouts. Yeah. We're hardcore.

#2 All men are circumcised at birth

In the recent Celebrity Big Brother, two American twins were disgusted when they found out that British men aren't circumcised at birth. The British guys couldn't believe that American guys were! I did piss myself laughing when the twins asked if the sex was the same and that they'd be grossed out if confronted with a non-circumcised cock!

#3 Everyone has to do some sort of military service

This is the one I'm least sure of. Is it true? I have no idea. I just have a hard time imaging hardcore gamers or barbie bimbos actually doing this. All I know is that it would be hilarious if Britain tried to implement that system - it would undoubtedly start more riots! Which ironically, would see them fighting anyway...

So yeah, let me know if any of those are true! 

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