Sunday, October 9, 2011

Award Week! Day 1

Furree Katt - "Miss Purrfection"

 I was initially intimidated to follow your blog as you had such a massive following already. I like to get to know those I follow and I was afraid that I would be lost in the crowd. But I finally succumbed when blogger after blogger mentioned how great you were. And they were right. What's even more awesome is that you took the time to follow me back as well as comment my posts which shows me that you are truly a blogging star.

P.s you have thee best hair in the whole blogosphere!

HBL/Teenage Mutiny - "The Kind King"
Like Furree Katt, I was also afraid to follow you because of how many followers you already had. But because everything worked out fine with her, I took a chance and followed you too. And as well as discovering for myself how kind and sweet you are, you also gave me a blog award just days after following you! So of course I wasn't going anywhere after that.

Although half the time I don't know the tv shows that you review, I still enjoy reading your views on them as you aren't stuck up or serious about them. You make every show sound fun and interesting which is quite a skill indeed! And only just recently you included me in one of your cartoons as Rogue from X-Men! That was so cool and meant so much as you had so many other followers you could have drawn instead. 

P.s even though you follow me, you don't show up in my followers list. Are you a ghost?

My 2 Pesos - "Web Surfer"

I love lists so imagine my joy at discovering your blog with all these fascinating and hilarious lists about pretty much anything! Whether it be about Facebook Fails or Bumper Car Stickers I love reading what you've discovered via the net. Keep them coming!

Mynx/Dribble - "Picasso in Disguise"

You are one of the old faithfuls that followed me from my old blog to this one without a hint of hesitation. I love reading about your life because it seems normal yet so sophisticated at the same time. I know you'll find that hard to believe so examples include going to an art class and eating out with friends. Both are pretty normal but the way you write about them makes it feel quite fancy that I wish I was joining you!

You have got to be one of thee most random bloggers I have ever met! But I wouldn't have you any other way. Your comments always make me smile because they are utterly insane and your obsession with mangos is hilarious!

You are another blogger who I find completely random and insane! We both share a common goal in trying to free ourselves from our sisters and I hope that you succeed someday just as I have. Your posts are also quite interesting to read as you jump from one topic to the next and back again! It's so bizarre yet it works.

Stacey/Whimsical Wolf - "My Spirit Guide"

You are another old faithful that followed me from my old blog. I'm so glad I was able to find you again as I adored reading your posts. You're in the same stage of life as me such as only recently starting university that I've always felt that I could relate to you. You have incredible taste which is evident in my envy of your cool bedroom and your fashion style. What makes you even more awesome is that you love wolves just as much as I do.

Ovais/18 Downing Street - "Her Prince Charming"

Anyone who reads your blog can tell how devoted you are to The One That Leaves You Breathless. It's beautiful to see how much you love and care for her as you literally can't write a post without mentioning her. I find this incredibly sweet as it shows that she is constantly in your thoughts and will always be a part of you. She is one lucky lady.

The Many Colours of Happiness - "Rainbow Sparkle"

Although your blog is named after happiness, you do sometimes feel sadness too. I've named you "Rainbow Sparkle" because even when you are down you still make the best of it and retain that spark of happiness inside of you. Just like the saying, "If it never rains, you can never see a rainbow" you are always positive even if you are going through a hard time. Your posts are always very deep and well thought out that they put my thrown together posts to shame! 

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