Friday, October 14, 2011

Award Week! Day 6

JOutlaw/Let's Just Rant - "Sir Rantalot"

A guy who has no problem ranting about whoever or whatever has annoyed him which makes for a hilarious read as you can't help but agree with him

A very pretty, modest blogger who is so sweet and lovely!

Blahblaholic / Kharren / Faraz / Fang - "The Newbies"

These guys started following me as I started this Award Week so I felt it only fair to mention them too. I've yet to get to know them properly but can't wait til I do!

And to finish off this Award Week, I must also say a huge thank you to all the followers that are "silent readers" who either don't comment or just comment occassionally. I couldn't have reached this milestone without you.

Thank you everyone! <3

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