Saturday, October 22, 2011

Q&A Time!

Hey guys!
Here is that Q&A I promised you all ages ago. Hope it's worth the wait!

Q1 Who is this Pablo guy your blog is named after?

Ans: Pablo is my boyfriend Paul. His friends all call him Pablo because he's a very talented artist and because he called me his angel, the blog name sorta created itself.

Q2 Do you love Ron Paul?

Ans: Umm... who?

Q3 What would you do if you ran into the Hasidic Plumber abusing some Raccoons? 

Ans: I'd save the raccoons! I've always thought they looked quite cute actually!

Q1 Have you traveled outside of your country and if not, where would you like to go first? If you have, where was it and what did you like about it? 

Ans: I've spent a week in Rome which was my first ever holiday. I went with Paul and loved seeing all the sights and just being alone with him. I would love to go back again and explore the city a bit more.

Jodie asked:

Q1 For your birthday, do you usually prefer a gift or money?

Ans: As a kid, I wanted lots and lots of toys. But now that I'm older I'm more than happy with just getting money. Though that being said, I do love getting gifts too lol!

Q2 Do you have any homosexual friends?

Ans: Nope

Q3 What is your fave color? And would you ever dye your hair that color?

Ans: Well my favourite colour is red and I would have no problem dying my hair that colour, but I'm not brave enough!

Q1 What do you love about your boyfriend?

Ans: Absolutely everything! The way I feel so safe in his arms, how he listens to all my nonsense, the way his eyes light up when he looks at me... I could be here all night talking about him!

Anna asked:

Q1 How did you and Paul meet?

Ans: We met online actually! Then we decided to meet up in real life and we've been together ever since.

Q2 Why did you choose to study Psychology?

Ans: I chose Psychology because I did a module of it during my Childcare course and found it really interesting. I probably wouldn't have went to university if Psychology wasn't offered as I didn't want to do anything else, like nursing for example.

Q3 Absolute favourite movie?

Ans: OMG how can I answer that?! I've got so many! I'll just give you a list instead... National Treasure, Stardust, The Man in the Iron Mask, The Count of Monte Cristo, The Lion King, Triple X...

Q4 Favourite memory?

Ans: I love remembering about the good times at school. At how my friends and I used to just double over with laughter everyday over the stupidest things imaginable. I miss those days.

Q5 What were you like as a kid?

Ans: When I was really young, I was very quiet, backward and hardworking. As I got older, I was still shy and hardworking but I also got bolder. If people annoyed me, I told them which led to a lot of arguments! I miss that boldness, now I'm far too pc.

Q6 Whose your favourite Greek God?

Ans: I don't really have a favourite but I'll choose Athena

Jewels asked:

Q1 Do you sleep on the side of the bed closest to, or furthest from, the door?

Ans: I always sleep on the side closest to the door in my own house but in hotels it doesn't really matter.

Q2 Who is your favourite musical artist/group/band?

Ans: I don't really have a favourite! I just tend to like certain songs from a multitude of artists instead of liking one specific band etc. If anything, I'm a massive fan of composers like Hans Zimmer

Q3 Would you rather...?

cat/dog              - Dog
snuggle/go out  - Snuggle
dance/twirl        - Dance
write/read          - Read
sit/stand             - Sit
eat/drink            -Eat
 night/day           - Night

Ezazi asked:

Q1 First crush?

Ans: A boy in primary school. Though I think I only fancied him because everyone else did lol!

My 2 Pesos asked:

Q1 Where do you live?

Ans: I live in Northern Ireland 

Q2 How do magnets work?

Ans: No idea, I was crap at physics!

Ovais asked:

Q1 Do you mind if I do this too?

Ans: No not at all

Q2 If you had two choices, to go sky diving without a parachute, or face a bull while wearing red, which would you choose, and why?

Ans: I'd choose to face the bull wearing red because at least I'd have a chance of escaping! There's no way I could survive a fall without a parachute O_o

Q1 Do you play chess?

Ans: Indeed I do! My dad taught me when I was younger, though I've never managed to beat him

Fatima asked:

Q1 Did you ever have major fight or difference with your boyfriend? Over what?

Ans: Every couple fights :P

Q2 Do you think he's your last love as well?

Ans: Yes I do, very much so.

Q3 What is the most bizarre thing you've ever done/wished to do?

Ans: Haha I think you've mistaken me for someone exciting! I don't really think I've done anything bizarre! Maybe the fact that I once drove my car in broad daylight wearing my pj's?

Q1 Can you do a make-up tutorial?

Ans: OMG no. I have no make-up skills whatsoever. I only ever wear mascara and eyeliner anyway.

Leah asked:

Q1 Are you a Disney fan?

Ans: Yes! I absolutely adore Disney films.

Q2 Which do you prefer, coffee or milk?

Ans: If I had to, I'd choose milk even though I'm not it's biggest fan just because I hate coffee so much

Q3 Let's say, you win an all-expense paid trip for two with luxury accommodations to a destination of your choice, where would you go and who will come with you?

Ans: Well I'd obviously take Paul with me but the destination choice is a lot harder to decide! I think maybe New York so that we could stay in one of those 5 star hotel suites and take in the amazing views all night long.

Mynx asked:

Q1 If the world thinks that the Irish accent is the sexiest, do you agree, or is there an accent you think is sexier?

Ans: Only some Irish accents are sexy, trust me, there are some awful Irish accents. I find most accents sexy, Scottish, Russian, South African and even German!

Hamza asked:

Q1 Name a blogger you have a secret crush on

Ans: Haha sorry, I don't have any!

Mark asked:

Q1 Tea or Coffee?

Ans: Ugh neither! Both are gross.

Q2 If you have kids, are you afraid that they will kill you off for the inheritance?

Ans: Haha not in the slightest because the chances of me leaving them an inheritance worth killing over is next to zilch!

Q1 Are you single?

Ans: Nope

Tiffany asked:

Q1 What is your deepest darkest secret?

Ans: Do you really think that sweet innocent little me has deep dark secrets?

Tilly asked:

Q1 What is your favourite fairy story and why?

Ans: I really like Sleeping Beauty the most, maybe because it has a dragon in it...

Q2 Which feminine folk do you admire deeply?

Ans: My mum

JOutlaw asked:

Q1 Which would be more awesome? A zombie-apocolypse diverted by the world rallying together to defeat it, or Aliens touching down and becoming our overlords?

Ans: You know what? Let the aliens touch down and wipe out the zombies!

Rebecca asked:

Q1 If you could change one thing you did in your past what would it be?

Ans: Probably nothing really because everything I did has made me into who I am today. Though maybe I wouldn't have spent so much time pining over a guy who was only interested in giving me mixed signals when I was fourteen =/

Q2 Where would you like to be in the next 10 years: job, home, relationships etc etc?

Ans: Well I'd be thirty so hopefully I'll be married to Paul with kids! I'd also like to have a cool job but I've no idea what yet

Q1 Do you have twitter?

Ans: Afraid not. Don't want to get addicted to another social networking site!

Q2 How did you and Pablo meet and how long have you been together?

Ans: On the internet and we'll be together 4 years this February!

Q3 Your view on kids, want them one day? 

Ans: I love children and I can't wait to have my own someday. I'm really curious as to how they'll look and what their personalities will be like

Q3 Rebecca Black or Justin Bieber?

Ans: Oh God neither!

MaryAm asked:

Q1 Are you perverted?

Ans: Guess

Kathy asked:

Q1 If you could have one super power what would it be?

Ans: To fly!

Q1 Your one really secret wish?

Ans: That I had a brother

PeeVee asked:

Q1 Tell us the best thing you feel that you've ever done and the worst

Ans: Working with children actually. I think doing that really has made me more patient and less selfish. The worst has probably been getting in to soo many fights at school and online. Everytime I think back those times really make me cringe.

Jenna asked:

Q1 What is your all time favourite food in the world?

Ans: Chicken curry but I can't eat it anymore!! My stomach can't take it. Though lately all I've wanted to eat is battered sausages from the chip shop lol!

Thanks for all your questions guys!!

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