Monday, October 10, 2011

Award Week! Day 2

According to Jewels - "Greek Goddess"

You were the first blogger I ever followed on my old blog and vice versa so you'll always hold a special place in my heart. I've watched you go from strength to strength such as gaining your own 100+ followers as well as being brave enough to expose yourself with your naughty blog. I know you went through a rough time thanks to your blog but I'm glad you managed to find a way around it. I'd have missed you too much if you had stopped permanently.

Bhadrawr - "Lady Rawrsome"

For someone so young I can't believe how mature you are! Seriously, there's no way you can be fifteen. You're one of my absolute favourite bloggers you know, I get excited when I see an update from you. I hope this doesn't sound patronising but I see you as a little blogging sister. 

Leah - "Ice Cool Lady"

The title says it all, you are extremely cool. You say you write about your boring life but trust me, you're far from boring. I don't think you realise how awesome you are, especially since your second blog, "Everyday Letters" was one of the most hilarious blog ideas I've ever come across!

The Frisky Virgin - "LoveHeart"

You really don't need me to tell you how great you are because you are loved all over the blogosphere by everyone whose ever had the pleasure of meeting you. Any guy will be lucky to have you and I hope you find your Mr Right someday soon.

Jodie/The Run-On Sentences Of Life - "Firecracker"

What I love most about your blog is that I feel so much of your energy coming through your posts! I've never experienced that with any other blogger so it's definitely an unique talent. Keep it up!

Kathy S/Life As I Know It - "Magical Pingu"

You were the first person to give me an award for this blog so you'll always be special to me, plus you were one of my earliest followers too so I must be doing something right if you've stuck around for so long! I love how down to earth you are and how sweet you and Christian are towards each other. Also, you're an epic Harry Potter fan girl so could we not get along?

Mo/Sharing Life - "Centurian"

You were the one that brought about Award Week by being my 100th follower! I'll always be grateful to you. You need to start posting more so everyone else can discover more gems such as those Imperial March floppy disks!

P.s your blog seems to have disappeared O_o

Anna/Artist's Charm - "Rockstar"

You are the most sweetest girl ever! You too, were one of my earliest followers so thank you for sticking with me! Your blog has one of thee cutest layouts I've ever seen on blogger so even before I read your posts I'm already smiling. A tough thing to do by the way!

Average Girl/It's An Average Life - "Fairy Godmother"

I love how you use your blog, not just for yourself, but to bring other bloggers together when they wouldn't normally mingle by indulging in regular post parties. I just find this really sweet of you! You're also an amazing photographer and you're always very motherly towards me which I think is so lovely!

A Lunatic Pope - "Alpha"

I definitely get an alpha male vibe from your blog. Like you're ready to lead a wolf pack on a hunt. Or start a rebellion. Yay, that's more likely =P I know a lot of others already follow you so you're obviously loved by many but I just wanted to say that you're a cool dude, through and through.

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