Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Award Week! Day 3

People always say that when they discover a good blog they spend the rest of their night reading through that blogger's archives. I never believed them. That is until I did just that when I discovered yours. Every single word that you've written, I've agreed 100% with. Except your "Why I Hate Twilight Series" that is! From the moment I discovered your blog, I felt such a strong connection with you. So much so that we've become such strong friends outside of blogger too. I just wish that you didn't live across the Pond!

Mark/The Rambling Person - "Ninja Assassin"

You set the standard for what makes a good blogger in my eyes. You try to blog everyday, you always reply to comments and you also leave comments that are always genuine and insightful! You're also extremely modest which is so refreshing to read. I really value your friendship so you're not allowed to ever stop blogging because the blogosphere would be a much darker place without ya!

I always look forward to your comments on my blog because they are so well thought out and always relevant to the post. You're just such a sweet and genuine person that it's a pleasure to read your blog! I really do consider you as a close blogging friend.

I was reluctant at first to open your blog because I did honestly think it would be completely focused on chocolate lol! How wrong I was. And how I kicked myself when I realised that! You are an awesome writer, so much so that I'm always engrossed with your posts to the very last word. Plus, I have so much fun saying PeeVee over and over again. Yes, I am quite simple.

I called you this because you were brave enough to follow your heart and move to the back end of nowhere to work with your grandparents. I found this so inspiring! And I'm glad that it's worked out well for you as it's so nice to see you happy. You're also the brains behind the "Postcard Campaign" which is cheering up so many bloggers on dreary mornings with pretty postcards! Overall J.Day, you're very inspiring! Plus, I have fun saying J.Day over and over again too...

I can't believe your blog went undiscovered for so long because it's so cool! You're one of the few people I know who can be sarcastic and funny simultaneously. I also respect you a great deal because you know your own mind and don't change your opinions for anyone. Yet you also respect other people's opinions too which makes you even cooler in my eyes. I miss you spamming us with posts though lol!

Jay/Books, Music and Photographs - "A Man of Few Words"

You were one of my first followers on this blog so I'll always be thankful for that. You need to post more though as you're such a good writer!

Cinnamonjulia - "Sweet Cookie"

One of the main reasons why I love your blog is because it looks so professional and sophisticated! You're also very sweet and adorable.

Cate's Blahblahlicious - "Elf Princess"

You're so lovely that if I had World of Warcraft, I'd be your friend. Be honoured by the "Elf Princess" name for only those worthy in my eyes could ever be elves to me lol!

I love your blog because I love your fashion sense and you take such lovely photographs!

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