Thursday, October 20, 2011

Crazy, Stupid, Love: Review


Firstly, I'd just like to point out that rom-coms aren't my favourite genre of film. HOWEVER, I do like Steve Carell so I gave this one a chance to impress me. And it did. 

The plot gets under way pretty quickly such as Carell's wife asking for a divorce after sleeping with another man. Carell is of course a broken man and starts drowning his sorrows at a fancy bar. A bar that I have no idea how he could have set foot in as he was always wearing trainers...

Anyway, after a few nights of moping around, Ryan Gosling who plays the womaniser in this story, takes pity on him and vows to sort Carell out. Carell agrees because, well... if he didn't there wouldn't be any more film.

So the next few nights, Carell gets a new look as well as being taught the ways of the "ladies man". What got me the most is how shallow the women were in this film. Gosling blatently insulted them by telling them they were boring etc etc yet they still went home with him! They were suffering from the Halo Effect big time...

Carell manages to get a few women home too which boosts his self-esteem yet he's still completely in love with his wife. Now what's she been up to all this time? Well she's been at work and going on dates with the man she divorced Carell over but she doesn't seem all that taken with him. It's obvious she misses Carell. This angered me because why cheat on him and ask for a divorce then?!

What also annoyed me was that when she eventually found out Carell had slept with other women, she was pissed off! Um, excuse me but you cheated on him AND divorced him. He can do what he wants!

Gosling on the other hand, falls in love with Emma Stone and becomes a changed man basically. It's actually very very sweet to watch. Even skeptics will find it cute. 

At the end there is a huge twist which was so unexpected and completely brillant that it will blow you away. My mouth literally dropped open when it happened! It's that good.

  • Gosling's "Be better than the Gap" line
  • Carell slapping Gosling
  • The huge twist at the end
  • Carell's son having a cringey crush on his babysitter

Rating: 5/5

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