Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Award Week! Day 4

You're a man of few words but when you do speak, everyone listens. You're such a lovely guy who is always honest and true to yourself which is great to read!

Rebecca/The Life of an Ordinary Girl - "Little Miss Sunshine"

You are such a sweet and lovely girl. I adore reading your blog and finding out what you've been up to throughout the week. Everything feels very girly and adorable on your blog which makes me love it even more!

I was scared to follow you at first because of how many followers you already had but I'm so glad I took the chance because you're cool, random and completely funny! You always bring a smile to my face with your awesome posts.

Kyla's Not Normal - "Scribbles"

A wonderful, talented writer who is in the process of writing a book that promises to be amazing! Just like her.

When I read your blog I'm inspired to be healthy and fit just like you. Alas I don't think that will ever happen but I'm happy that you are! You also give great advice about studying which I'm sure has been very beneficial to many bloggers, including me.

Your poetry is simply outstanding and such a joy to read everyday!

Aman/As I Go Along Life's Way - "Little Sweetheart"

Your blog is adorable and oh so cute!!

A lovely lady who always has nice things to say to everyone and she gives the best cyber hugs!

I adore the look of your blog so much it's insane. It's just so cute! Plus I love your 100 books project too!

Tay Tay/Rawr Series - "Cool Chick"

A young blogger who is going from strength to strength such as gaining 100 followers in under a month! An incredible achievment which just goes to show how loved she is.

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