Thursday, October 13, 2011

Award Week! Day 5

Lunatic on Loose - "Funky Chick"

Your blog is simply a joy to read. I love the layout, the design and of course, the awesome content too! I also really enjoyed getting to know you better through your 30 Day Challenge

Becca/Everyday Life - "Poet Laureate"

Your poems are both beautiful and extremely moving

Tilly/Hat Full of Sky - "Beauty Queen"

A beautiful blog by an absolutely stunning young woman.

Through your posts your bubbly sweet personality shines through like a beacon even on the dullest of days!

Itin/Miss Acidic - "Giveaway Queen"

If you love giveaways, check this girl out as she always knows the best ones!

ZoeWrites - "Princess"

You are another one of my favourite bloggers. I adore reading your posts in a blog I find super adorable.

A lovely girl whose blog I found a while ago and have been loving ever since. Good luck with your exams!

Sabrina/Bright and Blushing - "Miss Honesty"

She is always honest, both with her followers and herself and it's so nice to see someone sticking to their opinions no matter what. Her blog has "disappeared" though so I can't link ya to it.

Fiona/Voice of A Nerd - "Miss Popular"

She may call herself a nerd but I think she's seriously cool, and so do a whole lot of others so if you don't know who she is then where have you been?!

A very clean and sophisticated blog that I love reading because his words are honest and intelligent.

Her blog has probably got thee funkiest background I've ever seen! Her "rants and rambles" are also really quite eloquent which makes them such a pleasure to read.

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