Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Inbetweeners Movie: Review


Firstly, this was a very popular and successful comedy show in Britain focusing on four teenage boys lives as they attend school and pretty much try to get laid. It's absolutely hilarious and I highly recommend the series to anyone. Though it's probably best to avoid it if you're easily offended! Now, the film focuses on these four boys finishing school and going on a lad's holiday to Crete. Although you don't need to have seen the series to understand the movie, I'd advise you to watch the series first because you'll be more familiar with the characters personalities. Otherwise, they may just come across as... weird. 

Anyway, after arriving at their shit hotel they hit the bars and as it's a comedy, they manage to find the crappest one in the whole island of Crete. Cue disturbing scenes of Neil getting off with muttons dressed as lambs. I told you it's not for the faint hearted! They also meet four teenage girls so already you can sort of guess that eventually they are all going to end up together. But before that happens, I nearly died laughing at the boys trying to impress them with their dancing skills! It's so god damn funny. 

So throughout the film, Will is trying to impress his potential match, Simon is too busy caring about his ex that he doesn't notice how much his potential match fancies him, Jay is embarrassed that his potential match is chubby and Neil's potential match just watches him get off with all these trashy grannies. Which again, is just disturbing. 

At times this movie frustrated me because lets face it, they're teenage boys who haven't got a clue when it comes to girls! I wanted to smack Simon for being so blind to the fact that his potential match was a hundred times better than his ex! Seriously, this happened so much that the entire audience was groaning with frustration! 

I won't spoil the ending but I was really pleased with it. I guess I just loved how they all seemed to "grow up" and become men for once. You'll understand what I mean when you watch it.

  • The boy's dancing - still cracks me up!
  • The general camaraderie between the boys
  • The sweet ending
  • Neil's giant shit
Yes I am aware that it is strange for a shit to be a highlight but it was a really funny scene! Don't judge me...

Rating: 5/5

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