Saturday, August 13, 2011

A Medley of Thoughts

#1 I am really fed up hearing about Cheryl Cole. I honestly don't care why she was sacked from X Factor or if she's talking to Simon Cowell yet. Though I do think she's a fool if she goes back to Ashley Cole, especially when she had Derek Hough. I don't like people who use others. Plus her blonde hair looks ghastly.

#2 The riots in England are a disgrace. I feel so sorry for those who have had their homes and businesses destroyed. The people responsbile are stupid fucks who deserve to rot in prison. What ever happened to the chivalry of the British Empire?

#3 I've heard people talking of there being a Harry Potter tv series or in twenty years, a re-make of all the films being made. I sincerely hope this DOES NOT happen. The movies are perfect the way they are and the actors who played them will always be known as those characters. At least to me anyway. Like seriously, can you imagine someone else playing Hagrid? Or Voldemort? Or even the main trio?! Also, the tv series may go into more detail like the books but again, the actors would have to be completely different and it won't work. I hope JK Rowling puts her foot down and doesn't crack if pressurised by film/tv bigwigs.

#4 Apparently they are re-making the film Dirty Dancing. Although I wasn't a huge fan of the film, I do understand the outrage with touching something that is clearly a beloved movie. Why remake something that is perfect the way it is? If film industries want to remake something, why not start with Eragon or The Golden Compass? Those were bloody butchered! Then again, I think film big wigs are obsessed with remaking things. Look how many times they've remade The Hulk and now they're re-making Spiderman.

#5 For those wondering, I will write a post about the wedding I went to soon. I'm just waiting for the photos to be uploaded etc so I can include them in the post as well.

#6 I've nearly got 50 followers! That's frigging awesome! It's double what I had in my old blog so maybe starting fresh was a good idea after all! Thank you to everyone who follows and continues to follow me and I welcome you all to Pablo's Angel. I really hope I haven't jinxed myself now though!

#7 Kelly Osbourne had a go at Kate Middleton the other day about her wearing the same dresses again and again. Why is this a bad thing?! I think it's quite refreshing to have a woman in the public eye who understands that it's not realistic to wear a new outfit everyday. I'm sure she could afford to do so if she wished but I'm glad she knows how much of a waste that is. Especially in this economic climate. So Kelly can piss off.

#8 As much as I adored the books, I've got a funny feeling that The Hunger Games movie is going to suck. I can't help it! I just have this foreboding feeling about it. Maybe it's because I'm not sure about the actors cast to play the main three characters? Who knows. I just hope it doesn't look like shit. The books deserve that much at least.

#9 I'll leave you with a remix that I find absolutely hilarious! It actually got into our official music chart! Yeah. Us British folk are easily pleased...

Love, Hazel

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