Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Second Award Ceremony

The lovely J.Day over at The Ramblings of Charlie Brown bestowed upon me the epic Blog on Fire award!

I did seven things about myself last time but thankfully this time I only need to do five which are preferably suitable for an "on fire" award. Hmm... well we'll see what I can come up with!

#1 I see red when people annoy me

#2 I find accents incredibly sexy. Well, apart from Welsh and Liverpudlian because they just make people sound stupid. No offence...

#3 I love phoenixes

#4 Red is one of my favourite colours.

#5 I love lingerie

Now to pass it on to five bloggers!

#1 Jewels at Turning 30

#2 Hanis at I Don't Do Boys

#3 Lexie at The Lexical Gap

#4 Cricketfreak at BhadrAwr

Again, if you promise to link back to my blog then I'll let you away with not having to post five things about yourself!

Love, Hazel

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