Monday, August 15, 2011

To Dye or Not To Dye...?

I'm extremely jealous of this girls hair colour. Isn't it gorgeous? I would love to dye my hair this shade of red but I'm scared to do so. There are far too many disaster stories involving hair dyes that I'm not prepared to risk my brunette locks. Like, for example, my sister dyed her hair a coppery brown and it ended up an obsenely bright orange and an old classmate dyed his hair blonde and everyone called him "lightbulb". 

Then there's the whole "topping up the roots" business. Is dying my hair worth all the hassle? Remember folks, I am incredibly lazy. And skint. Extremely skint. The cheaper option would be to dye my hair myself but then I get images of all my hair falling out and parts of my face being dyed red too. And my hair is extremely long. What if I miss a bit?! 

Sigh. I think I worry too much. Until I'm brave enough I think I'll just sit and drool over this girls hair, wishing it was mine...

I'm so frigging weird.

Love, Hazel

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