Sunday, August 21, 2011

Star Quality

What do you have to do to become a celebrity?

I'm asking, not because I wish to become one, but because lately in this day and age, everyone can become one despite not having any talent whatsoever.

I think this is wrong. In my eyes, only those who have a respectable talent should be considered as a celebrity. I hate how lately, spouses are claiming to be celebrities just because they are or were married or dating a celebrity. How does dating a celebrity make you a celebrity? It's crazy! 

To me, you should only have celebrity status if you are an actor/actress, movie director, singer/musician, comedian, sports star or author. These people have respectable talents and deserve to be known as celebrities.

Examples include Johnny Depp, Tim Burton, Rihanna, Peter Kay, David Beckham and JK Rowling. All these people have brought us things we love and enjoy - movies, songs, laughter, sport and a magical world. Surely, only those who can match this standard of talent should be called celebrities too?

I refuse to consider reality stars, models, daughters of businessmen or spouses of celebrities as celebrities! So following that logic, the likes of Amy Childs, Kate Moss, Paris Hilton and Alex Reid are not celebrities.

  • Amy Childs is a pretty but thick as two planks reality star over here in Britain. She's quickly becoming the nations new sweetheart. And what is she "famous" for? For taking part in a reality show where she sticks jewels on ladies private parts. Yeah. Exactly.
  • Kate Moss may be famous but what for? All she does is wear clothes for a living or pose half nekkid. Anybody could do that! Plus, models these days are airbrushed within an inch of their lives so you don't even have to be remotely attractive anymore.
  • Paris Hilton is famous because she has a rich daddy. Therefore she gets to shop all day and party all night. She's unemployed but that doesn't sound as good as "socialite".
  • And Alex Reid was a nobody until he started dating Katie Price. But he is now a full blown "celebrity" for reasons unbeknownst to me. I wouldn't even consider Katie Price a celebrity either...

Now I'm not attacking these people's personalities, I'm sure most of them are actually really lovely. It's just... they're not in the same league as the likes of Elton John or Angelina Jolie. If anything, I'd want these sort of people to be classified under something other than the term "celebrity". 

How about, "fame sharks" or "desperate wannabe's"? I know they're not as catchy but they're more realistic. It would also be nice if we didn't put these sort of people on pedestals or consider them decent role models for children. Surely it would be better for children to aspire to be like Kate Winslet instead of Kim Kardashian?

Does anybody else feel the same way about this or am I the only one?

Love, Hazel

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