Friday, August 5, 2011


I will be attending my first ever wedding tomorrow and as you take in that shocking bit of news, I'll let you all know how I've been preparing for it.

Firstly, I found a gorgeous purple dress which would have been perfect if it hadn't made my boobs look saggy. As you can imagine, I couldn't be having that so I began my dress search once more. After a few weeks I found a beautiful coral dress which screamed "oh so pretty". After it was in my possession and declared perfect for the wedding I then had a shit attack trying to think of what colour shoes, bag and cardigan would go with it. 

Hmm... maybe white? Surely white shoes will look tacky? Let's see what Google says...

The Google search deemed successful and I managed to find a bag and a cardigan with no trouble. I need a cardigan because the wedding is taking place here at Mussenden Temple and it can get a bit chilly...

The shoes were the trickiest to find, but find them, I did and I've been painstakingly breaking them in so that hopefully my feet won't be covered in blisters at the end of the night. Overall, I'm happy with what I'll be wearing.

But you know what?

After all these preparations, how am I repaid? 

By waking up to a frigging spot on my chin which I swear doubles in size every time I look at it and if that's not bad enough, the sunburn that hasn't bothered me all week, has now started to flake! The only way I can describe it is like when you used to cover your fingers in glue at school then pick it off. That's what's going on with my forehead right now! 


Love, Hazel

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